The Blanco Coalition of Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment of Substance Abuse (CoAPT), in partnership with the Blanco County Rotary Club, recently presented Blanco High School Principal Patrick Hinson a check for $9,000 for the purpose of purchasing vape detectors for the high school.
Vaping, or the use of electronic or e-cigarettes, is a national epidemic among young people.  Increasing study results indicate that users are experiencing serious lung damage, and in some cases death, through vaping.  E-Cigarettes contain highly addictive nicotine may contain up to two standard cigarette packs worth of nicotine in one vape ’cartridge.’   Beyond nicotine, other dangerous chemicals are ingested into the lungs while vaping.   While the long-term results of vaping are unknown, the short –term studies indicate serious health issues.
CoAPT has led the way in Blanco for the past three years in identifying, educating and counseling young people regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol.   The organization’s assistance in purchasing vape detectors continues that process.  Likewise, the Rotary Club of Blanco County has previously assisted each campus within the school district in purchasing needed equipment such computers for the middle school, books and tablets for the elementary school, and audio-visual equipment for the high school.
According to Hinson, the purpose of purchasing the vape detectors is not to identify and punish vapers, but it is to identify and educate them regarding the dangers to their health and those around them regarding the use of e-cigarettes.   Cessation and quitting resources and support will be available to any students who are caught vaping on campus.  The school and CoAPT is committed to doing everything possible to keep our students safe and healthy.
Both the CoAPT and the Rotary Club are positively serving our community in many ways.  Assisting the district in purchasing Vape detectors is the latest example of their efforts to make Blanco a better and healthier community.