On August 9, Susan Burkholder, a volunteer with Ransomed Life, gave a very informative presentation on Human Trafficking. She shared that there are approximately 313,000 HT victims trafficked in Texas on a daily basis. 79,000 are kids under the age of 18. The biggest threat to our kids is through social media, like FB, Instagram, Snap Chat, What’s App, and other Gaming platforms which are easy to use for offenders to look for victims. Sex slavery is not gender specific. Girls are not the only victims. According to a
local youth center in SA who are engaged with counseling primarily street youth, almost 50% are boys.
Susan stressed the importance of being aware and to report ANYTHING that looks suspicious to local law enforcement AND the Human Trafficking Hotline 888-3737-888. She recommends putting
the phone numbers in your cell phone. Predators have been apprehended and jailed by those who felt that something wasn’t “quite right”. If you see something say something! The next Human Trafficking Forum for all of the Blanco community will be at 3:30 pm upstairs at the Blanco Courthouse on Monday August 15th. Susan Burkholder will present again. Invite a friend or a group of friends who you think would benefit from this presentation. Sodas, tea and cookies will be served.
Pictured on the right are Rotarians Sandy Switzer, Pat Clewell and Tracy Barr. To the right is Susan Burkholder and to the far right is Libbey Aly with the Blanco Chamber of Commerce.