The Rotary Club of Blanco County (RCBC) is reaching out to prospective members in Johnson City.  Beginning Monday, August 7th, the RCBC will hold its monthly meeting at the Pecan Street Brewery’s back hall at noon.  Lunch will be available and, as always, an interesting guest speaker will present.
The Club was formed in 2018 to serve and represent all of Blanco County.  Currently, there are 43 members.  In support of the county -wide objective, the Club has presented thousands of dollars in scholarships to worthy LBJ High School seniors over the past 5 years.  (The Club has presented two academic scholarships each year to both Blanco and LBJ High Schools since it was formed.). It has also gathered items for hygiene kits and given them to the district school nurse to distribute to students in need.  The Club has also conducted Brain Fitness classes for the elderly residents of the LBJ Medical Center in Johnson City.  Finally, Club volunteers supported the recent 5K run sponsored by Pecan Street Brewery.  Each of these activities was supported or conducted by Club Rotarians, all volunteers.  Also, each represent the Rotary International’s Motto of: “Service above Self.” 
We invite members of the Johnson City community to attend the Rotary meeting on August 7th to learn more of Blanco Rotary activities and meet current members. If community service is a goal that you’d like to achieve, Rotary is the place to start.  We Welcome You!